Four Of The Best Restaurants To Enjoy In Allen TX

Did you know that the city of Allen, Texas features over 200 restaurants? In fact, there are 207 to be exact. The #1 dining establishment in the city serves up authentic Mexican cuisine, and we will get to that in a minute. You’re going to learn about four top-ranked restaurants as you look for the best place to enjoy a meal in Allen TX.

Let’s start with #1, and the name of the place is La Finca Chiquita. Located at 107 North Butler Drive, La Finca Chiquita is known for its Mexican cuisine. When you dine out at a Mexican restaurant, you don’t always have salsa choices, but you do at this place. That is a definite plus. The restaurant is described as a little hole in the wall, and that makes it even more appealing. It’s places like this one that typically serve up some of the best food.

Sunview Cafe is a popular restaurant as well. You will find Sunview Cafe on 939 West Stacy Road. People say that the menu is quite large. It is one of the best places to go when you want a delicious breakfast. You can expect friendly and attentive service according to the reviews. It is worth noting that the place is family owned. If you have kids, ask about the Mickey Mouse Pancake.

The Black Walnut Cafe is just right down the street from Sunview Cafe. It is also a great breakfast place, and it’s good for brunch, too. The hummingbird cake is one of the menu highlights. People talk about eating there for dinner at night as well as during the day. This is a place you can go for any meal of the day when you’re in Allen, Texas.

Uncle Julio’s is another wonderful Mexican restaurant in Allen. It is also located on Stacy Road, and the fajitas are said to be excellent. Another menu favorite is the carne asada. Is it time for delicious Mexican cuisine? If so, you have two picks for that type of food alone.

That sounds out the four restaurant recommendations for Allen TX. You’re not going to have any problems finding a good place to stop and eat. With 207 restaurants in the city, you’re going to enjoy having the names of four places that won’t disappoint. Visit whichever place sounds the best to you right now as you look to enjoy a meal with your family.