Allen Texas Attractions

Allen Texas Attractions

The weather down here in North East Texas sure could be tamer. At least we could settle on it becoming more predictable. We can’t love everything about a place, but Allen Texas has more to offer the public then just scorching summer nights. Try one of their brilliant water attractions for instance. That sounds like a great way to cool off. We could also try some of the other things I like to do in Allen Texas.


Did you know that the city of Allen, Texas features over 200 restaurants? In fact, there are 207 to be exact.


The #1 dining establishment in the city serves up authentic Mexican cuisine, and we will get to that in a minute.


You’re going to learn about four top-ranked restaurants as you look for the best place to enjoy a meal in Allen TX.

Watters Creek

What could be better than an area richly landscaped, well maintained and vibrant? One that can offer you all the entertainment a shopping mall holds as well. When you’re done strolling along the creek’s tranquil waters and perusing through the shops you may want to pop into one of its many eateries for a light snack. That is if you ever get tired of admiring the adorable ducks and rabbits prancing about by the stream.